Research and publications

Our work is built on the foundation of peer-reviewed publications. It is important for us to continuously publish our methods and results to ensure a high scientific quality in what we do. We also believe it helps build corporate credibility for our work and in addition serves to attract scientific talent as our company grows.

Our publications

  • MD simulation sampling a combination of a spatial and an alchemical perturbation reaction coordinate improves skin permeability predictions.

  • The Skin’s Barrier: A Cryo-EM Based Overview of its Architecture and Stepwise Formation

  • Molecular reorganization during formation of the human skin barrier studied in situ

  • Predicting drug permeability through skin using molecular dynamics simulation

  • Human skin barrier structure and function analyzed by cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulation

  • Human skin barrier formation takes place via a cubic to lamellar lipid phase transition as analyzed by cryo-electron microscopy and EM-simulation

Related publications

  • The accelerated weight histogram method for alchemical free energy calculations

  • Heterogeneous parallelization and acceleration of molecular dynamics simulations in GROMACS

  • Skin lamellar bodies are not discrete vesicles but part of a tubuloreticular network

  • The human skin barrier is organized as stacked bilayers of fully-extended ceramides with cholesterol molecules associated with the ceramide sphingoid moiety

  • Nanostructure of the epidermal extracellular space as observed by cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections of human skin

  • Cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections of native biological cells and tissues