What we offer

Increase the accuracy and understanding in your transdermal development

Our proprietary technology and tools, including a high resolution molecular model of human skin, enable in silico modeling of potential membrane permeability enhancers and drug candidates. Using advanced molecular simulations we are able to assess the membrane interaction properties and effects of permeation enhancers on a scale inaccessible to conventional in vitro/ex vivo experiments on skin.

Our offering is built on four strong pillars

As all scientific challenges have their own unique hurdles, we are very adaptive in our offerings to deliver the best tailored solution to your problem.

Skin permeation


Using ERCO Pharma’s patented skin model we can obtain predicted permeation-rates of multiple solutes across the stratum corneum.

Topical formulations


Our skin model can help you optimize your topical formulation to maximize the permeability of your drug molecule through the skin barrier.

Computational work


We can provide computational expertise, contract calculation work, and we have the ability to work with passive transport over a multitude of biological membranes.

Product development


We use our molecular modeling approach in internal development projects, and depending on your specific needs we can enhance your workflows as well.

What are you looking to achieve?

I represent a

Pharmaceutical company

and want to understand how my drug formulation works, and how it can be improved.

I work for a

CRO company

and want new tools to help my pharmaceutical customers with transdermal drug projects.

I am from a

Cosmetics company

that wants to have a better scientific understanding of our products.

Internal product development

Our simulation technology enables us to identify potential targets for formulation development. We are continuously testing new compounds in silico, followed by conventional in vitro measurements of the most promising candidates.

Our technology

By combining molecular dynamics simulations (a technology awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013) with human in vivo data obtained with cryo-electron microscopy (a technology awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017) we have elucidated the basic molecular structure and function of the human skin’s permeability barrier.