I am from a Cosmetics company

Being able to create innovative formulas and products in the cosmetic industry has been and will continue to be one of the biggest challenges.

Companies which develop products for skin application, such as lotions and cosmetics, need to understand how ingredients interact with the skin at a molecular level. They need to know which chemical compounds do not penetrate the skin, which are absorbed and which may affect the skin barrier structure itself.

→ Increased knowledge of your formulations
→ Understand the unique advantages of your products

Increased knowledge of your formulations

Using molecular modeling techniques can reduce costs and accelerate screening of ingredients and bring new and improved products to market faster. We believe there is an increased demand for data on what happens to a cosmetic product after its skin application. For example, data on percutaneous absorption is necessary for risk assessment to determine systemic exposure and this data is also useful for efficacy assessment of skin care products.

Using our skin model, we can improve your understanding on how the excipients in your cosmetic products partition into the skin barrier. A more detailed scientific knowledge of the partition process enables you to better explain the unique advantages of your product, compared to those offered by your competitors.

Understand the unique advantages of your products

With our molecular modeling technique we can also deliver data on the permeation of your active ingredients across the human skin barrier, and combined with data on the excipient partitioning and the formulation composition, we can propose modifications of your formulations that may enhance their potency.

In addition, we can help explain the unique advantages of your products and provide graphical concept illustrations of their passage through the skin barrier.